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Touch is one of the most stimulating and nurturing early experiences your baby will have and can enhance many aspects of their lives. There is nothing more emotionally healing than human touch. Therapies involving touch can bring comfort, nurturing, and supportive energy to babies and promote the release of human growth hormones. Infant massage greatly enhances the early bonding relationship between parents/caregivers and their babies. By using gentle, tactile stimulation along with loving verbal communication, a wonderful bonding experience is shared. Strokes can be either stimulating or relaxing, depending on your baby’s needs and developmental level. It is a pleasurable experience for both parent and baby.


  • Massage can help create a positive sleep routine, soothes your baby and releases pent-up tension
  • Massage aids in the bonding process and aids the recovery from Post-Natal Depression.
  • Massage is an incredible tool for effectively relieving constipation, excess wind, fussiness and colic, and other digestive problems
  • Massage stimulates the immune, circulatory, lymphatic and nervous system,
  • Massage can help to speed development in premature babies and help babies to gain weight more easily
  • Massage stimulates language skills, as you talk and sing to your baby during the treatment.
  • Massage helps with the development of motor skills and coordination.

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